Home-Based Early Childhood Intervention

Experience and knowledge makes a difference

Since 1979, FRA has provided children and families with unique home-based and center-based services to meet their changing needs. Our mission is to strengthen families as we help them cope and guide them with new skills to help their child learn and grow. We work with the total family and anyone else important to your child by offering techniques, strategies and helpful tips that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. We will listen to your needs and make suggestions of things you can do throughout the week. We will try to answer your questions. We will help you find answers that you need from other professionals. We will honestly discuss your child's progress and need for any other services.

Highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals from the early intervention program staff will visit your family/child. Sessions may be at home, in the community, day care center or any appropriate location. These individual, play-based sessions focus on encouraging skill development in your child's area of need. Staff will explain the importance of the activities so that you develop knowledge about how best to help your child. All children learn through play. We want to make that possible for your child with very special needs too.

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