How can we learn more about how Assistive Technology can help us?

TECHConnection at FRA provides FREE Assistive Technology Demonstrations in the Community! Call us today to talk to one of our A.T. Specialists or visit our Demonstration Center. We also bring our program to you through a specialized TECH EXPO for your school or facility with an A.T. Overview Workshop.

Assistive Technology alternatives help people who struggle with reading, writing, vision concerns or physical limitations or who have developmental or acquired disabilities. A TECH EXPO will give people access to technology to broaden their world and offer more independence. Let us show you how to make using the computer easy. Find solutions for the challenges you face in school, at home, or in the workplace.

To find out more about all of the above services and pricing information, call Joanne Castellano, TECHConnection Director at 732-747-5310 ext. 114, or email