Amazing Stories 102
Create your own amazing story learning power point, story boards and software programs to create a printed book.

Dress for Success
Learn about and analyze appropriate business/casual wear clothing.   Outline the importance of choosing the right look for the right event.

Enjoying My Space 101
Learn tips to maintain cleanliness and organizing of ones living space.

Enjoying my Space 103
Plan meals and parties with tips for managing food prep, spoilage and shopping.

Fit For Life 101
Learn the basics to maintain your personal health and fitness including weight management, activities to maintain fitness and a healthy environment.

Fit for Life 103
Understand the community resources available to maintain personal health and fitness.

Games to Play
Explore & engage in hobbies, sports, music and art for appropriate use of idle time.

Healthy Me 102
Gain skills in standards of healthy self-care:  for body (nail, hair, dental, etc); control germs in your living and working environment, disinfecting techniques for germ and illness control.

I Can Deal with That 102
Making basic repairs to clothing, furniture, home, etc.

People To Meet 101
Learn ways to meet people, how to distinguish between an acquaintance and a real friend, and how to maintain relationships.

Picture This 101
Learn to take digital pictures, find ways photos can be shared, stored and downloaded to create photo albums and calendars.

Places to Go 101
Locate and plan community activities and events for yourself and family for this spring.

Science & More 103
Astronomy – Learn about the planets, stars and astronauts.

Where Did My Money Go
Basic understanding of money management and spending decisions.

Life Skills Lunch 101
Make healthy lunches when cooking for one using recipes for Meals in a Mug.

Life Skills Lunch 102
Learn to prepare and expand healthy meal options with spring and summer salads and vegetables.

Life Skills Lunch 103
Meals from the blender.  Make new recipes for smoothies, soups and other vegetable meals.

Life Skills Lunch 104
Cooking in the microwave made simple!  Learn some new tips and stay healthy.

Life Skills Lunch 105
Make healthy sandwiches exploring the variety of hot and cold options.

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