FRA Program Registration

Register for FRA/ TECHConnection DDD Supports, Pre-Vocational, Wellness (Dance, Karate, Yoga) and Technology Education Classes (Group, Individual), and Toddler Movement Group (Gymboree) in 3 easy steps!

STEP 1: Please print and complete two copies of the below Registration Form.  (One copy should be kept for your personal records)  Please be sure to scroll down to find the appropriate form.

STEP 2: Email, fax, mail or hand-deliver the completed form to FRA (35 Haddon Avenue; Shrewsbury, NJ; 07702)

STEP 3: Send your payment with your completed form.  Checks can be made payable to FRA, or pay online below. *Online payment must be accompanied by your Registration form.

Class Registration Forms and Payment

  • The following Winter Adult Classes are NO LONGER AVAILABLE:
    Monday - Red Bank Location:
    Enjoy the Power of Powerpoint
    Exploring Employment in Floral Industry
    What's News
    Exploring Employment in Visual Arts
    Tuesday - Red Bank Location:
    Romaine Calm
    Fun with Microsoft Word
    Videography with Green Screen Technology
    Wednesday - Red Bank Location:
    Surfing the Net
    Thursday - Red Bank Location:
    Exploring Employment in Woodworking

Helpful Registration Tools


Together with Gymboree, FRA hosts a toddler movement group.  Registration is now open for FALL 2018 - 6 Thursday sessions at the local Red Bank Gymboree.  All children with special needs, up to and including age 3 are welcome to attend.  Please complete the registration form and submit your payment online.