Computer Donation Program for Children or Adults with a disAbility

Thanks to the generous donations of community businesses and families, FRA has recycled PC and a limited number of MAC computers to give to families who have a member that has a disability. FRA volunteer technicians check each of these computers to ensure they are in excellent working condition.  Each computer is upgraded to the latest operating system.  Every computer is virus checked.  Virus protection software is installed as well as Open Office which is the free version of Microsoft Office. 

Families are asked to donated $20 when picking up their computer to cover the cost of computer maintenance.

Interested in donating a computer? Click here for donation requirements.

How to request a computer:


  • Click here to download the Application Form.
  • Once we receive your application, you will be notified when a computer becomes available. Please understand this is a volunteer program, and you may have a 2 to 3 month waiting period. You will be notified either by phone or by mail when you can come pick up your computer.
  • All recipients must be able to transfer the computer to their vehicle. A hand truck will be available to you for moving the computer from our first floor office.
  • Recipients are asked to please consider donating $20.00 upon pick up. This is to help support the costs involved with the purchase of computer repair and maintenance.

After you receive your computer:

  • When you receive your computer it will come with Open Office, which is a free version of the Microsoft Office program. Your computer will be able to connect to the internet via a high speed internet connection.
  • All computers come with a virus protection program. It will either be AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials. These security programs are critical tool to protect your device.  Please find YouTube tutorials regarding these tools: AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • If you have any additional questions, please call the Program Director at 732-747-5310, ext. 114.