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Adult Services Overview

OT Life Skills Groups

This Occupational Therapy (OT) group will focus on essential daily living skills to promote improved independence and quality of life. One hour group sessions will be 6 – 8 weeks on a given topic. Areas that are included in this type of a group include, but are not limited to:

  • independent living,
  • money management,
  • day planning,
  • meal planning and preparation,
  • self-advocacy,
  • coping skills,
  • sensory strategies,
  • community access/mobility, leisure, and more!

Through a functional approach and the holistic OT lens, these life skills will cross-support performance in areas such as: executive functioning (problem-solving, attention, processing, memory, organization), adaptability, safety awareness/insight, and peer/vocational/community-related social skills depending on each person’s unique needs. Through a group setting, all will have an opportunity to engage in social situations, learn from peers, and have fun while doing so!

The first session will focus on independent living skills. Participants can choose one of the following topics.

- Organizing and maintaining personal belongings

- Independent meal planning and preparation

The group will be held Monday afternoons in Brick starting at 2:30pm as soon as we have 4 participants. Groups are limited to 5 people.

For more information contact 732-747-5310 or email