What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment is a unique two-way successful part of employability focusing on meaningful and inclusive work in an integrated community for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and others with unique employment challenges by primarily creating customized jobs, niche jobs or self-employment options defined by, with and/or for each individual. That “community” can be found in an office, factory, with bee keepers, vendors or the online community. LifeWork@FRA participants will benefit from learning more about themselves in the “Discovery Process” to better define their strengths, interests and passions for the kind of work that they think is right for them. With the assistance of a creative Employment Specialty Team and a Business Advisory Council, unique work venues in closer proximity to their home allow easy access to a job, thereby minimizing the transportation difficulties that often interfere with long-term successful employment. Jobs strive to be an asset to the employer as well ensuring they are satisfied and their services are enriched by the program.