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Donate to the FRA Clothing Drive

Clothing is reused by others and items are resold to raise money for programs & services we provide.  Items are reused, given away, and/or sold, not shredded.

Call to schedule a pick-up at 732-446-4041, or e-mail JoEllen & Marilyn directly at our Clothing Drive at
If the line is busy, please email.  

We are accepting clean clothing, coats, purses, shoes, accessories, curtains, linens, towels and small stuffed toys. 
We are not accepting appliances, books, household items or furniture.

Pick-ups can be arranged from your home in the central and northern NJ area, including Monmouth, Middlesex and Somerset counties.

Donated items can be placed into bags, labeled FRA, closed completely and picked up outside your door or garage. We can leave a paper receipt, if needed, but recommend to email a receipt.  Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  

Thank you for your help and support.