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TECHConnection @ FRA provides assistive technology solutions and computer resources for everyone. We can show you how to make your computer easier to use. We can help you if you cannot use or are having difficulty using a standard keyboard or mouse. We can help you or your child that might have reading, writing and/or literacy challenges.

TECHConnection is a resource and demonstration center for the latest computer technology and software that is needed for anyone who has difficulty using, reading, seeing or hearing the computer. This includes children who are struggling with learning in the school environment and those who have learning disabilities or other developmental disabilities.

Clients We Serve

    • Individuals
    • Families
    • Schools
    • Therapists
    • Child Study Teams
    • Early Intervention Providers
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Nursing Homes
    • Group Homes
    • Hospitals
    • Employers
    • Agencies servicing individuals with disAbilities

    TECHConnection seeks to redefine human potential by making assistive technology devices a regular part of the lives of people with disabilities. It strives to accomplish this goal by providing easy access to the assistive technologies, related services, and information resources that enable people to achieve success, independence, productivity, and social interdependence according to their individual needs and interests.

    As New Jersey's only MARC (Microsoft Accessibility Resource Center), TECHConnection offers solutions to those in the community who use computers in the business and professional world by helping them cope with carpel tunnel syndrome, or for senior citizens with arthritis or those losing their eyesight or ability to speak, as well as people of all ages who are recovering from serious injuries from car accidents or complications from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or head injury or other types of medical conditions. If you know someone in one of these situations, the TECHConnection MARC/Demonstration Center has the resources to make a difference in their life.

    Recognized nationally as an Alliance For Technology Access (ATA) Center (one of 46), the TECHConnection interacts with internationally known technology developers and vendors, assistive technology professionals and shares with this nationwide network of technology resource centers to bring promising new technology to our community.