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Evaluations for Assistive Technology (AT)

Individual evaluations help determine appropriate solutions for computer access, assistive devices and/or software selection and customization. If you have a student who has one or more of the following concerns, he/she might need a technology evaluation:

  • Struggling with the writing process
  • Reading challenges or delays
  • Visual concerns
  • Fine motor problems
  • Physical limitations preventing the use of a standard keyboard or mouse
  • Difficulty with attention and time on task
  • Needs a multi-sensory approach to learning

Evaluations include hands-on use of a wide variety of hardware, software and assistive devices. Skill level is determined and appropriate goals are recommended. A written follow-up report includes recommendations for hardware and software, as well as vendor information.

COST: $480. Evaluations can take from 1 to 2 hours. Evaluations are done at TECHConnection and/or at the school. There will be a travel fee of $40.00 / half hour to travel to the school. Technical Assistance: Set up, training, customization is $100 / hour.

AT Legal Services
Retainer to initiate services: $250
Report & records review: $50 / hour
Copy of records for legal review: $2 / page
Court Appearance: 1/2 day is $600, Full Day is $1,000

Scheduling an AT Evaluation:

To schedule an evaluation, the school/agency must:
1) sign our contract authorizing us to proceed and that the school/ agency is agreeing to pay.
2) The teacher and parent must fill out our pre-assessment surveys.
3) Send us the students IEP.

Once all these forms are received by us, our team reviews and an Assistive Technology Specialist will call the case manager to schedule the evaluation.

Teachers, therapists, case managers and the family are all invited to attend the evaluation.

To request an evaluation you need to call to initiate a contract, please contact 732-747-5310 x111 or download the contract and pre-assessment forms from our website and mail them to us.