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In an effort to better assist and provide solutions and services to the Public Schools, TECHConnection is charged to partner, initiate and develop a technology empowered learning environment to address Public School Needs and Requirements as it relates to educational assistive technology.

We all recognize that evaluations have little benefit to the child if the device remains unused because the teacher is not skilled in using it or does not have the time or ability to include it as part of the classroom curriculum. Once a specific device gets into the classroom, teachers need training on the device in order to help the student use it. Thus, as time goes on, school administrators can be expected to learn more about additional costs associated with the loss of productivity or wasted investment when computers sit idle because teachers have not been taught how to integrate technology into their lesson plans. From a study done by the Consortium for School Networking.

The TECHConnection's goal is to provide a way to transform teachers into technology-empowered educators, while ensuring cost savings for Public Schools. I am sure we share the same desire to improve long-term educational experience for students with special needs.

Call us if you would like to discuss further your needs, concerns and expectations as it relates to assistive technology to see if we can provide you with on-going annual support that would be more cost effective and productive.