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Adult Pre-Vocational Classes

Is there a job for me?
Individuals will explore their strengths, abilities and interests to create a path towards employment opportunities.   Exploration will also include identifying jobs in the community that might fit their unique qualities to consideration of self-employment as an option.

Ready for the Workplace Environment
Students will work on skills to be accepted in the workplace environment.  Skills will be learned that prepare each individual to be well groomed, appropriately dressed for work, attending to clothes, manners, social cues and appropriate social skills. 

Communicating in the Workplace
Strategies and skills will be learned to deal with on the job expectations and relationships, including following work place rules, expectations for work focus and following directions.  Causes and consequences that lead to the need for employee discipline or losing a job will be defined.   

Exploring Employment in Visual Arts
Find your talents and skills in the world of visual arts that can become a business. Explore these industries to learn about making these goods, like those in the ceramic, textile, printmaking and painting fields.  Opportunities to explore creative shops and interacting with workers in the field will bring this to reality for employment options to consider. 

Classes to be Offered in Upcoming Semesters:

BASIC Computer Skills
This course will make you completely independent at using the computer.  Become familiar with hardware, software and technology.  Learn Windows 10 and easy ways to work with files and folders. 

Data Entry for Employment
Prepare for an office job in data entry.   Using a specialized software program students will be able to determine if this is a job for them, challenging them to work independently.  Student’s progress from basic tasks to entering orders, checking inventories, and determining payment methods.  Once this evaluation is completed and skill level is achieved, industry standard data entry program introduced.

Hospitality Service Basics
Learn skills that can transfer into many hospitality settings, including customer greeting, standards of workplace cleanliness, preparing for table settings and what is appropriate when receiving guests.

Romaine Calm!   (3 hour class)
Students will learn basic culinary skills and hospitality.  Including a high standard of sanitary practices.  All skills can lead to the possibility of employment in hospitality and culinary establishments.  Food cooked will be served for lunch. 

A Thyme to Cook!   (3 hour class)
Students will work together to produce a cooking demonstration while learning skills for taking inventory, time management, team building and computer skills.  Recipes will be reviewed and selected creating a story board for the demonstration.    Food cooked will be served for lunch.

Basics to work in the field of Agriculture
Basic skills will be learned in a garden and greenhouse environment for seeding, plant care, cultivation and use.  Volunteering at a community farm, individuals will have direct experience to gain basic employment skills. 

Exploring Employment in Graphics
Individuals will explore ideas, and learn how to make products to sell that are created via computer graphics; learning to use computer programs and materials.  Opportunities to explore graphic design shops and interacting with workers in the filed bring this to a reality for employment options to consider.

Exploring Employment in Woodworking
Individuals will explore ideas, and learn how to make products from wooden pallets to sell.  Learning all steps in the process of woodworking to create useful, functional and attractive products.  Opportunities to explore cabinet making shops and interacting with workers in the field will bring this to reality for employment options to consider. 

Exploring Employment in Furniture Refinishing
Learn skills needed to refinish basic wood furniture, repairing damaged wooden pieces, and surface techniques and alternatives for refinishing such as sanding, staining and painting. Products may then be sold to the general public.

Exploring Employment in Event and Party Planning
Individuals will explore ideas, and learn how to set up for parties and events.  Learning the basics of all steps in the process of creating a party event including invitations, decorations, food preparation, serving and appropriate activities for a party.  To put his into practice a party will be provided for some group in the community. 

Exploring Employment in Jewelry Making
Individuals will explore ideas, and learn how to make a variety of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings using beads and crystals.   Students will work on ideas for marketing, pricing and selling these products online and at community venues. 

Selling Goods and Products on E Bay and the Internet
What to do with the treasures in your attic or a product you have made?  Find out how to get started making money by selling on E-bay and/or Craig’s list.   Join this class for beginner E-bay users.  Learn, step by step, how to make money the fun and easy way.

How to apply for a Job
Learn skills for job searching through online sites, listings in the papers and through building networking skills. Learn how to complete online applications or how to interview

Understanding workplace expectations and interactions
Learning how to be at your best to interview, communicate and deal with anger, anxiety and stress.   Skills to communicate and deal with social interactions in the public including consumer rights, customer service and issues related to bullying or harassment from co-workers or others.