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TECH Expos are offered throughout the community for a hands-on trial of some of the items we carry in our TECHConnection Computer Lab. These devices and software programs help people with disAbilities maximize their ability to use a computer. This is a great way to become knowledgeable in what is available to help you and to have an opportunity to try it out for yourself. Our portable display, devices, software demonstrations, Microsoft CDs, and materials will educate and amaze you with the many options to make using the computer easier for everyone!

We can bring our show on the road!

Empower yourself, your students, teachers, clients with the knowledge of how assistive technology can provide many solutions to the struggling individual.

Having trouble using the standard keyboard or mouse?

Having trouble seeing the screen.

Having trouble reading and /or writing.

Trouble with remembering or learning?

We can bring the technology to you. You can try it out for yourself to see if it will be a solution for you. You can learn about all that is available now to help.

Call for information on our EXPOS and how we can provide an EXPO for you. 732-747-5310 ext. 114

Come & Learn How to Make the Computer Easier to Use!

A Free EXPO just for you

August 30, 2010
10AM to 1PM
TECHConnection at FRA

35 Haddon Ave.
Shrewsbury, NJ

Seniors with age related impairments use assistive technology, such as screen readers, screen magnification, or track balls and other alternatives if using a mouse is difficult. Many also take advantage of some of the built-in accessibility options that are built into every computer that make it easier for them to see, hear and use their computers.

Using a computer can help seniors find new ways to re-engage with the world! Connecting with grand-children, playing games to help with memory and cognitive function, finding childhood friends, ordering groceries online, medical research, and "how to" videos you can find on You Tube.

Registration Required.
Call or email Joanne Castellano, Director
at 732-747-5310, ext 114 or