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Can FRA help my child who has hearing loss?

FRA has specialized therapists for babies & children with a hearing loss or deafness. Like our other infant services, we go into the family’s home, day care center or any other appropriate community location, in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Early detection, appropriate amplification and intervention using a variety of play-based, educational approaches with hearing impaired or deaf infants and toddlers has proven to be very effective. Families are most fortunate to have highly qualified, skilled and experienced group of professionals available who specialize in hearing loss of all types and deafness. All therapists are skilled in the various treatment options for children.

Aiding the development of a child’s communication skills and fostering the knowledge of their family members, the therapists will provide approaches for intervention within everyday routines and interactions. This includes:
Parent education
Individual intervention sessions
Instruction following cochlear implant
Hearing aid instruction
Auditory-oral training
Speech-language intervention & therapy
Sign language instruction
Total communication based intervention
Assistive Technology intervention
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy

Techniques are modeled and shared for developing a child’s skills in communication, listening, expanding vocabulary and speaking during play-based intervention sessions, and as part of a family’s daily routine. Our goal is to foster development of vocabulary, auditory skills and communication skills using both speech and sign language. All therapies as needed are also available with OT's, PT's, SW and other specialists.

Support is offered to aid families in advocating for their child with allied service providers; including physicians, audiologists, day care providers and school systems as needed. Resource materials; relevant websites for information gathering and support; as well as sibling support is available.

Early Intervention Services are provided on a regular basis in accordance with the IFSP, as funded by the NJ DHSS.