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Ideal for use by people who have poor grip. It consists of two plastic discs held together by a spring - simply put the cards in the card holder and turn the disks - the cards will form a perfect fan. Once sorted, the card holder will then grip the cards throughout the game, in suite, run or color.


Brighten Up A Room By The Sound Of Your Voice! The IntelaPlug allows the user to turn on their lights with simple voice commands. It can be used to turn “ON” or “OFF” lamps, radios, fans or other small appliances. The IntelaPlug has two speech recognition technologies to choose from. Speaker independent mode allows any user to operate the unit to control lights in your home. Speaker dependent mode allows the user the flexibility of programming any word you choose, in any language for “ON” or “OFF” operation.


The Movin' Sit is an inflatable dynamic air cushions which activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages a seated posture with a forward pelvic position and the movement makes the user feel off balance if not sitting correctly. This inflatable wedge seat encourages static anatomical seating while mimicking the dynamic seating motion of a therapy ball. It is great for kids with poor posture and those who have trouble sitting still. The Movin’Sit comes in all different sizes.