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FRA offers welcoming and flexible work opportunities for those looking to make a difference in the lives of others who have developmental disAbilities. Services are always of the highest quality, and we seek employees who are experienced and caring who enjoy creating opportunities that help people live a full life. Candidates who thrive in a mission based environment and are passionate about this kind of work should apply immediately. Pay is commensurate with other non-profits, and includes PTO, holidays, sick, mileage reimbursement, FSA and 403B available.  No health benefits. Many positions have flexible days and hours.

FRA EmployAbility Program
Employment Skills Trainer - Project SEARCH

The Employment Skills Trainer is a key member of the team to support interns to gain transferable employment, life, social, and communication skills through opportunities within the host business to promote success in three internship experiences to ultimately gain work in the community. This position aligns with the requirements of the National Project SEARCH program and NJ DVRS standards for professionals in the field of supporting employment for people with disAbilities. Tasks will include internship development, developing a task list, job analysis, and plan for necessary modifications for internships, and the development, coaching and training of hospital based internship for transitioning high school students and adults. Assisting with classroom instruction and developing a network of mentors within the hospital departments is vital to the position.  Working as a team also includes other staff members and the Steering Committee of hospital and state representatives.

This full time position (8 am – 3pm in session) provides on-site employment skills training, behavioral supports and advocacy for the high school intern or adult to learn different job duties in a variety of community employment settings to meet the employer’s expectations.

  • Assure skills training meets the fidelity of Project SEARCH internship expectations
  • Conduct an analysis of the job needs, working in coordination with the department representative to teach interns the necessary skills
  • Ability to assess student abilities, strengths and weaknesses to determine assistance needed for skill development to do the work expected and to teach the essential tasks/duties/core skills of the job to the intern
  • Works as a team with instructor in the classroom and in all settings
  • Works with business liaison, department managers, instructor and fellow job coaches to develop internship sites, write job descriptions, task lists, job analysis and plan for necessary modifications for the internships and competitive jobs
  • Works with managers and co-workers to educate on disability awareness
  • Attends job orientation with the intern and clarifies information with the intern as needed
  • Because the goal is independence, the job coach builds natural supports and reduces the amount of time spent with each intern as core skills are developed
  • Works with manager to determine new skills as intern gains competencies and confidence
  • Meets with the manager and peer mentor regularly to discuss issues and solve problems
  • Assesses student progress and give feedback to intern and team members

Send resume or contact Phillip Duck, Director of EmployAbility, at  - 732-747-5310, ext. 121 

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