Help Make Miracles Happen!

Based upon our most recent audit, 93% of all contributions and income are used directly to benefit children, individuals and families served by FRA. You can be sure that your support makes a real difference.

Easy Ways you can Support FRA...

  • This is a secure and private transaction. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID Number: 222285850. FRA will protect your privacy and does not share any of your information.

  • What if... You could support FRA without spending any money and by doing something you already do?! Every search you do through GoodSearch with FRA selected earns money for FRA! (And, remember, it costs you nothing.)

  • We Pick Up Weekly! Call 732-446-4041 or email fraclothingdrive@gmail.com. Your gently used, wearable clothing, accessories, household linens & goods can make a difference too!

  • Ana's Florist & Gifts will donate 10% of each sale to FRA and this Valentine's Day they will donate 20% of sales over $50.00! Simply click on the "Alliance Program" and choose FRA when you place your order on line. For walk-in and phone orders, be sure to mention FRA!

  • Minimum Computer Donation Requirements:

    • Must have Operating system of Windows 7 or higher
    • System speed: Pentium 4 (2.8gb) (i3,i4,i7)or higher
    • System memory: minimum 2 megs of ram or higher.
    • System size: hard drive 80 gb or higher
    • System condition: Excellent, Good, fair
    • Monitor: 17" flat screen or larger
    • Speakers, modems, usb keyboards only and mouses are gladly accepted; however, monitors are accepted only with a unit. We will accept a unit without a monitor.

    Computer drop offs must be scheduled in advance. Please call Joanne at 732-747-5310, ext 203 to schedule a drop off.

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